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Larry the Longhorn

I totally took Kant's Critique of Pure Reason into my exams. In German.


But exactly what kind of sandwich was it?

On my Torts final last year, we essentially had to write the case for fat people suing McDonalds. In one of the short answer questions, I discussed the tastiness of the fries.

Random Penseur

The best way I found to deal with stress during law school exams was to take my exam in the smoking room. Yes, smoking room. This was over ten years ago but my LS had a smoking room. It did not stink of fear and sweat like the other rooms, there was plenty of space, and if I started to freak, I'd just light up a Camel Light, take a minute and get refocused. By the way, I quit smoking the day after the NY Bar Exam. Good luck on your finals!

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Love the tips that you share,and i am agree that the enemy in the exam room is stress,with the stress you cannot do any thing good in the exam the stress can't let you go through,so without stress if you goes into the exam room,so this is better and useful thing,and self confidence is also important,it is necessary and useful,the details you share about the exam are really good and useful to read,information is also great and superb.

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