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How long exactly did it take for you to locate a program like this? Here's how I imagine this all going down:

Thought 1: Man, studying for Contracts really sucks.

Thought 2: I wasn't there for most of the semester. Maybe I should've gone.

Thought 2.5: Thank god Gergs put the notes online.

Thought 3: Man, reading about Contracts really sucks.

Thought 4: I wish I had a robot who could tie my shoes. Or read my notes for me.

Action 1: Wav google "Robot note reader".

Google result: Text Aloud, the program for blind people.

Thought 5: Fantastic. I can use other people's disabilities to support my laziness.

This is just how I imagine that this all went down.

Mr. P

even the thought of studying for contracts, which happened for me in the winter of 2001 (!), angers me.


Wow, may I worship you?

Larry the Longhorn

So our Contracts Prof pulled this stunt where all semester long he kept emphasizing how well we would need to know the UCC for our exam... and then about a week before the exam, he announced that it wouldn't be on the exam. I cursed the day I'd memorized the entire UCC word for word.


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