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Hm, having seen "NY Minute" last friday, and having taken a contracts exam today, albeit a 3 hr in-class one, I can honestly say that it's a tough call which one was less enjoyable.

Unreasonable Man

Lex is kind of an arrogant little freak asshole. I think it's easier for people to feel righteous the earlier they are voted out on Survivor. You noticed that Jenna, who screwed over people herself (Rupert among many other little people) didn't seem to hold hard feelings because she lost. Sour grapes make bitter wine.


dude, when you go off your special Law School Exam Diet(tm), be careful about adding fresh fruit to your diet.

Actually, let's amend that: don't eat fresh fruit during exam season.



see I would've thought you meant "stay" by U2


"Mike's Brownies of Doom"

recipe please!!

Ahh, the take home exam...I remember it well. Add the to the essentials list: six Venti Quid (5 shots, baby!) Lattes from Starbucks. Pick these up prior to picking up the exam--one will be consumed immediately, the others will be refrigerated for later. WARNING! Do not attempt to consume all six at once, as this may cause sweating, heart palpitations and an inability to concentrate--never good for exam writing. Also, if you are a smoker, you will need a carton of your brand. Prior to picking up the exam, remove all ten packs from the carton box and remove the cellophane from each box. This will save precious thinking/outlining/exam writing time. You may also want to have more than one lighter on hand, as at least one lighter will be left under a pile of notes/used as a bookmark in your Emanuel's/bogarted by your non-smoking roommate to light some candles.

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