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Mr. P

I wish my name were Lothar.

Slithery D

I knew I couldn't be the only guy who ever realized how perfect guy's urinal choice algorithims would make the perfect logic game.


It's a trick question. Everyone knows that, in a bar bathroom with two stalls, one toilet will be out of order and the other one will have nine pounds of crap in it. Therefore, four guys observing the "don't piss next to your buddy" rule... Jesus, Keanu, and Lother use urinals 1,3, and 5 and Mikey takes a whiz in the sink.



1. D
2. C
3. C
4. B
5. D


I am howling with laughter at my desk. When I was in law school, there was a particular bar we always frequented, and if you got there, and the toilets were in perfect flushing order. . .that was your sign it was just too early. And I'm a girl.


OC: many classes are available that will help you to improve your logic games skills. Some are even taught by attractive instructors. Check 'em out.


1)D 2)E 3)B 4)E 5)D-I-E



If Jesus is a Jew, why does he have a Puerto Rican name?




It seems to me that Jesus is the type to ignore the "buddy system", and not only use urinal #2 in between Mikey and Lothar, but he'll talk the whole time about how trashed he is and "Did you see that chick macking on me? Dude, I think I can get some off her, I show her the wine trick, and she'll be BEGGING me to crucify her."

So, Keanu uses the handicapped stall, and while urinals 1, 2 and 3 are technically "occupied", only Jesus actually uses his, Mikey and Lothar come back later to seal the deal.

(Of course, upon reading further, it could be "Hey-Zoos", instead of the Messiah, in which case, I say "Que?")


Man. Didn't think it was that hard. Maybe it's NOT a waste to spend a grand taking a class.




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The last question is hopelessly flawed.

The answers are D E B E. . .and now the fun begins.

The game now breaks down into limited options. Either Mikey rockes a urinal, or puts up with the grossness of stall B (which is now being overused). Suppose Mikey uses stall B.

If this is the case, from Rule 5, Keannu must use urinal 2 or 4. Pretend he uses urinal 2. All of the following are acceptable orders at the pisser: J(1), K(2), L(3), M(B). J(1), K(2), L(4), M(B). L(1), K(2), J(3), M(B). L(1), K(2), J(4), M(B). K(2), L(3), J(4), M(B). K(2), J(3), L(4), M(B).

That's six possibilities. There are six MORE if K uses urinal 4. So we have twelve options before M even bothers to use one of the urinals, thereby relegating Keannue to stall A or B. This provides even more options.

You're right though, some of the available classes are taught by very attractive instructors. Named Mike. Which is weird.


i think the original goal was to make this one unsolvablish, but i don't think it is. Nor do I think I put the right answer down as a choice.

But your analysis is wrong.

Adjacent urinals are only to be used if both stalls are full and no other urinals are available. Which means that with only four dudes, this will never happen. the fact that stall A is now really dirty doesn't make it "full."

So, the only option for question five is that Keanu goes in stall A, which would leave only Jesus able to go into stall B. You then have Mikey and Lothar at the urinals, with the only restriction being that they can't be next to eachother. This makes for, as I see it, six possible combinations: 1/3,1/4,2/4,3/1,4/1,4/2.

My guess is that when I wrote the question, I neglected to consider the fact that Mikey and Lothar were interchangeable.


This is way more fun than actually solving an LSAT game ever was.

My result, then, is guided by a justifiable misreading of "too dirty for anyone but Keannu to use," but I find the interpretation of this statement as meaningfully identical to "full" to be fairly reasonable. In fact, I considered this before posting and decided that one could probably argue it both ways.

On your reading - and yours is probably correct since you wrote the question - your result is exactly correct.

Now that that's over with, I think your site is hilarious. Well done.

Were you working for Kaplan too?




You are assuming that one or more of the students (say Mickey, Jesus or Keanu)proceeds to the bathroom, but then chooses instead to go out the back door of the bar and use the alley, behind the dumpster? We know that Lothar doesn't since he ALWAYS uses a urinal. Or maybe M, J, or K uses the sink (grosser still, but has been done before, I am sure).


As to the question of why Jesus, a Jew, had a "Puerto Rican" name, if you're seriously asking that, here's the answer:

"Jesus" is the Greek version of the name "Joshua," which is more like "Yeshua" or "Y'shua" in Hebrew. The New Testament was written in Greek, so His name is translated. It is a name that means (as all Hebrew names have meanings) "YHWH saves" (translated "Yahweh saves" or "Jehovah saves"). In other words, it means "God saves," an appropriate name for a Savior sent by God!

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Robert the LSAT Logic Games Guy

It helps to draw the problem out before you start answering the questions. Having a visual representation of the possibilities makes dealing with this game and other LSAT logic games a lot easier.

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