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You, sir, are a true visionary.


Can I have an IPod and an electric scooter instead?


i really need a new car, and the insurance paid on it as well (too many speeding tickets)


I'm holding you to that... You have my email address. Buy those lottery tickets! :)


There is a check for "one dollar and other good and valuable consideration" headed to you in the mail right now.


Cool...I went to SMU so you'll LOVE to see my debtload!

Now, a MBE question on contracts might have this fact pattern and then me not paying my creditors and instead spending the money on your lotto tickets. Contract? Detrimental reliance? Quasi contract? Or a graduate on the verge of insanity from too much bar study?

Dana- Tech Law 3L

I just wanted you to know I read your blog ... you know, just in case. :-)


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Brian Roof

I read your blog also, :)... I can't tell A lie I don't actaully but I will now.


I hope you win twice...otherwise the bulk of that moolah is going to Sallie Mae on my behalf!

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