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Shit, that's funny as all hell! G'luck, my man.

Mr. P

David Cross really is a fucking genious.


I feel your pain -- with our OCI, depending on your class rank you can't interview at all. I think I've already been rejected a bunch of times, and I haven't scheduled an interview.


As another UT Law student who also just submitted 57 OCI bids, this was an especially funny post. Did you also have a color coded version of the OCI2004 excell sheet? I bet my favorite coon skin hat that you did.

My wife and I have read the "Interview and Reception" post 43 times. I am going to find you in the fall and buy you a hundred drinks. (that is of course a gratuitous promise, which although you have forgotten, means it is unenforceable) No make that 200 drinks.

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