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loved it!


At the risk of becoming extremely unpopular, I have to ask what it is about this movie that people think is so great? I also looked forward to it having enjoyed Braff on Scrubs, and the movie does have a few good laughs in it, but then it also seemed like he haphazardly threw in a lot of gags and scenes that didn't come together very well as a whole. And Portman....portman portman portman. Brittany Murphy would have really pulled off her role, I think, but Natalie Portman....just I dunno it made me uneasy watching her. What am I missing? Maybe this is a love it/hate it film?


The fact that you signed anonymously says it all: You are an evil terrorist bent on taking away this one small piece of joy that we have left. Screw you, sir, and please don't come back.

Miss Issues

Well *I* personally thought it was the cat's pajamas. At one point, I actually had tears running down my face. I thought it was reminiscent of Dazed and Confused, only much wittier and with a point.


Ok...I only sought some discussion or explanation, not to ruin anybody's fun so I won't mention it again. I posted anonymously because I anticipated the type of response that you gave.


I haven't seen it yet, but plan to this coming weekend. But really, Brittany Murphy? I just upchucked my Chocolate Malt Crunch shake from Jack-In-the-Box all over my keyboard. Yikes.


just saw it this afternoon. loved it. even better than i expected, and that is a very rare occurrence.


The killer part for me was S&G's "Only Livin' Boy in New York." I knew it was coming, and it still kicked my ass. I love that song like a fat kid loves cake with ribs on top.


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