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What kind of lucky dreamworld do you get to live in where you get to watch West Wing and I have to surf the web during Torts class?


Not to interrupt your West Wing viewing, but have you seen the picture of Dubya's daughters on CNN.com? I swear Jenna got cheek implants. Bet you'll tune in to the RNC now, won't you?


I need to rent the West Wing on dvd, season 3 on. When are they coming out?? You of all pple should know this!!


The season 2 dvd, which I just received for my birthday, just came out. Season 3 is available for pre-order and is shipping Nov 2nd.

I have to wait THAT long to see it?? Is there any way you could use your vast influence on the dvd releasing pple and get them to send me a copy in advance?


People who abbreviate people as "pple" should be kicked in the crotch by other people.

Just a thought.


Pple...who get kicked in the crotch by other pple...are the luckiest pple....


Hey I know that Soup, and you can kick me in the crotch, just beware that I do kick back. I am extremely lazy and it shows when I type, hence 'people' becomes 'pple.'


Yet nothing else was abbreviated. How odd.

Oh well, the amount of time you save by dropping those two letters must be staggering.


Soupie, if only you knew how often I typed the word "people" it would blow you away.

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