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I'm sure something like this would never get past the editorial staff at the Texas Law Review.


I don't get the joke in this post.


Witness the typo in the first paragraph of the first page of the first casebook that I ever read as a law student:

"People often use the word 'contract' to refer to the writing that embodies an agreement or deal. For example, you turn on television and see Alex Rodriguez jubiliantly waiving a piece of paper after having agreed to play shortstop for the Texas Rangers for $252,000,000."

(in Epstein's _Making and Doing Deals: Contracts in Context_)

Comedy. I learned later that every textbook, nutshell, hornbook, summary, etc. is full of errors; most just aren't as retarded as this one.



The joke, obviously, is that zebras can't type, because they're Baptists.


Funny! Keep it up.


By the way, do you care that your full name is always displayed on Bloglines? ("Blah posted by ML") You might want to edit your user account behind the scenes.


Caring less and less as the days go by.


Is there a comfortable way to have Law & Econ rammed down one's throat? for example, would it help if Justice Ginsburg were doing the ramming?

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