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Thanks for the advice, although you've now freaked ME the fuck out.. My memo was due this morning, I turned it in and thought I could relax for a few days (really, all I'm asking for is an hour or so to do NOTHING)...I'm supposed to be freaking out even MORE now??? I can't take this pressure! :)

My class is full of overachievers - we freaked out LAST week!


Ahhh, the joys of 1L fall exams.

Ian's words of advice: Definitely Chest wax. Skip the rest.

Oh ya and teach yourself the material out lound (and I mean loud!) from your own outline. If your neighbors do not hear you shouting "NEGLIGENCE PER SE BECAUSE HE VIOLATED A CURRENT STATUTE", then you are not going to make law review.

Tara, Ann and Kelly

Hey, how come you didn't come to our party...and how come you had your own party... and how come you didn't invite us...?? 'sob'

Damn those apples sound tasty, though.


1. Saturday was Mrs. Andvodka's birthday.
2. If I invited you guys, I would have had the entire law school at my house. And my house, though fabulous, is not that big. So it's your fault for being the center of the UT Law social scene. Sorry.

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