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Check out Andrew Sullivan's remarks on the debate and the sexiness gap:


I'm guessing they will focus the camera on "that thing" On Edwards' lip whenever he speaks, but I don't know what good features Cheney has to focus on.


I don't know about you, but that snarl of Cheney's really gets me going. Should make it easy on the networks; I can't imagine a shortage of THAT.


I'm very sorry that some poor fools are wasting their time on voter registration drives in Texas. Not that it makes much more sense to vote anywhere else.


I guess some people believe there's a "sexiness gap" between Cheney and Edwards, but the truth is, one's an old ass man, the other is a creepy mannequin (sort that one out for yourselves). I am desperately hoping that this mythical "average voter" (which is really a composite pollsters arrived at by polling the same 10 people over and over again) doesn't find either one of them sexy, because ew.

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