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Whoa- good to know. I read my rejection letters anyway. I don't know why. My favorite began "There are a number of reasons we may have decided not to interview you. Your writing sample may have been poor or too old. Your grades . . ." and went on to list all the different ways my application could have sucked. It was a real upper.




I can't wait to be a 2L!

the lens

E. McPan

Something similar happened to me last year. I had heard that callbacks came via telephone and rejections came via slim envelopes. So I let my slim envelope sit there. And sit there. Finally, my husband opened it and I'd be danged if it didn't contain the straight-up offer--no callback whatsoever--for a summer clerkship. So maybe it's true that good things come in small packages.


I had the same experience, E. McPan. My callback and summer offer BOTH came via letter. My roommate/best friend saw the slim envelope, knew I was a ticking time bomb of jobless hell and held it up to the light before I got home, just so she could "let me down easy." She didn't need to, though!

Ste Syd

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