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We'll miss you... and your thong modeling days :)
Good luck with the surgery!


No more mechanical bull? No more thong modeling? My god. The humanity.

I will give you like five bowls of guacamole for some Vicodin.


Surgery rocks. After my 2nd knee surgery, I wore my hospital gown home, I refused to change out of it for weeks. I made my dad wash it while I took my sponge bath (alone) and I'd put it back on. Be sure and leave the hospital with a gown. Best souvenier EVER. (that and the liquid painkillers that was injected into my knee for days)

E. McPan

I think you're confusing the herniated disk gnome with the underwear gnome.

Good luck with the surgery and I'll have my sister whip up the World's Best Guacamole and FedEx it to you.


Change your site to "Buffalo Wings and Vicodin."


How about that Cal-TT game!! That'll make your back feel better for a little while, anyway.


I agree with Damian. That would be a funny thing for them to ponder. Although the missus would be an awkward Andvodka and who wants to go by Andvicodin ?

Reckless Murder

If you want to sell/trade any of your painkillers let me know. I'm willing to send some guacamole or even strippers to your hospital room.

Reckless Murder

Good game for Texas today. Guess they do belong.


I'm a little embarrassed...I've been reading your posts for a while and assumed you were already on some sort of heavy narcotic.


Being that I am an aspiring lawyer to be someday if i can get accepted to any fifth tier school with anything resembling something like an accredidation, as well as a fellow vegas native, I feel that fate has somehow brought me to your weblog. I was wondering if the script to your musical will be available online so that us wannabes can concuct solo performances in front of our mirrors dressed as Minni Pearl. Just wondering.

The Punished

As one who was also told about 2 months ago that I needed surgery for the damn herniated discs -- I'll share some advice. ACCUPUNCTURE!!!!! Trust me -- it's better to get needles in your back and butt then having to cut your back open to do a little scrapy scrapy of the discs.

Then again, I also like the Vicodin -- so it's sorta a toss-up.




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