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Okay, after reading that, I am SO ready to transfer to UT!


Don't lie. They don't let you talk to students.


I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that I bet less than 10% of your readers know who Johnny Utah is (I'm in that less than 10% group)...

"You're sayin' the FBI's gonna pay me to learn to surf?"



pure comedy


That seems like a pretty normal conversation to me. Inattention to silly details such as a person's name and marital status, threats of dire retribution and revenge for possibly stealing my candy... yep. I have those sorts of conversations all the time.


"I am an FBI agent!"

"Punk, Quarterback Punk"


holy shit that was good stuff! thanks for the much needed break from studying patent law...

however, we do have incredibly good mexican food in utah. tons of immigrants - very authentic and cheap grub. it's one of the things i miss most out here in philly.


you're biting off Down by Law. everyone catches the keanu movie, but that one is over their heads.

The Angry Attorney

Heh...just wait until you are interviewing prospective summer associates and associates. After doing about 100 interviews a day for weeks on end, reality will not be far from your post.

And, don't forget...with the SA "audience," they are so hard up for jobs,they'd pop Jolly Ranchers out of their ass to make you happy.

Reckless Murder

Wow, I had a similar interaction with some prospectives a few weeks ago. Only to realize it was a prospective parent. She looked young enough and I explained the tradition of the first semester drinkathon that went until the last person passed out in class and puked on the quad.

sic semper

you are a funny bastard. we have quite a pack of mormons in all three classes at my law school.

point break is widely viewed. I cannot believe this blog's readership is so heedless as not to know Johnny Utah.


Alas, it is true. The mormon mafia at TLR tried to plant another mole in our on going effort to penetrate the TLR-TILJ bank robbing operation. "Zach" seemed so promising.

Wingsandvodka has broken our cover. Perhaps this explains why this year there are 7 LDS TLR members, but next year there will only be one. The new EIC is squeezing us out of the family I tell you.


I'm just impressed that Ian has already done the requisite analysis of the 1L class to figure out that he'll be the only LDS left.

And if I'm subconsciously squeezing you guys out, it's just the manifestation of the psychic pain caused by a decade's worth of being snubbed by Mormon girls. In my experience as a Vegas youth, "I only date Mormon guys" was just a nice way of saying "You have bad acne, and you dress like a blind person, so please go away."


There is a young padawan 1L...so maybe there will be 2 of us. Oh wait that is a differnt movie.

res ipsa

Johnnuy Utah is no match for Ron Mexico.


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