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You are going to need some enterprise-scaled scheduling software to handle all this. I recommend netsimplicity.com

Reckless Murder

Wow. This summer keeps getting funnier and funnier. Good thing this firm doesn't believe in working.


god damn you're a funny bastard.


I would expect a post from you, but I imagine you're out to lunch and t/f too busy to provide new material to your readership.



Thought you might find this response to the Kelo v. City of New London decision amusing.



hilarious. i love your blog.

Kim Plaintive

I vote for the Young Mike stamp.

Kim Plaintive

No, wait, change my vote to Old Mike.

Kim Plaintive

Ok, three votes for Young Mike and two votes for Old Mike. Thanks.

just so you know, you have been mefied


Aren't you worried about getting fired?


Your lunches are only 1:45 long? How about 11-1:30 and 1:30-4?


Mefied. Swell. Thanks, FatLlama.



Why don't you want to be Mefied?


That is some truly funny shit, particularly on a Friday afternoon at 4:30, with the boss on vacation, with nothing but jack and shit to keep me from flying the coop


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