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I'm thinking about taking that new paralegal from Litigation. If things go right I might be showing her my O-face. You know: Oh. Oh.

Kim Plaintive

You are a very baddd man.


Here's a trick for y'all. When you are asked to budget your time for next year, and you know you can bill 2400 hrs without a hitch (seriously), don't write down 2400.

Write down 1900, because even if the min. is 2100, and you know you will bill 2400, when they bust on you for being "on track" for 2100, you can say "wow, I am 200 hrs ahead of schedule!." Okay, I'm done with my good deed for the day.

Hee! Now if only I could give my boss the finger and stomp out...

Moonlighting in Misery

. . . but the sad fact is you could always use more "flair," Mike.


Non sequitur: It's interesting how sometimes your Google Ads feature websites selling cookies and chocolate and sometimes they advertise weight-loss programs and sometimes law school-related crap. Tracking . . .


i feel like they take away our flair at law school orientation and we get it back little by little over the following three years of hell.

Kevin C

Someone actually asked me on Monday if I had a case of the Mondays. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be a joke or not so I just smiled a bit.

I didn't have a case of the Mondays. I was out of breath from hauling myself and a recently consumed plate of meat (that was my entire lunch) up 4 flights of stairs. I'm re-living the freshman 15 experience and my body hates me for it.


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