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Ojo Roj

freshly zippered nuts? Fuck me is that funny. Everyone in the Lexis/Westlaw computer lab is looking at me crying in front of my computer.

SMU with as many USSC justices as UT? Dean Powers'l be so pissed that he forgets to ogle the 1L chicks for at least 24 hours. I think that this may be part of the new "every ABA accredited school has to get a turn" program for Supreme Court vacancies.

amanda Udoff

Heh...when I heard about the nomination on NPR this morning, the first thing that came to mind was "SMU? Are they fucking kidding?!"

Don't mess with TTTexas

I was okay until I saw her pic on CNN. She looks like she has had serious work done....after a major burn injury. It's like courtney cox and freddy kruger had a kid.


Who DIDN'T think SMU?? WTF???

I'd even prefer a UT grad. Is there an age limit for SC justices? Because I think BWV should have been nominated. He would have livened those opinions right up.

Reckless Murder

I won't lie. I was pissed when I heard SMU. I went through a range of emotions after that including: happiness that it wasn't Harvard or Yale again. Glad a Stanford grad didn't creep back into the court, we had enough of them for the last 25 years (CJR was cool, O'C was not). Pissed I wasn't nominated. I have everything Bush was looking for: no judicial record, youth, unabashed conservatism and theological zeal.


Someone needs to do a poll...

Who will get more shit due to this nomination, SMU or Locke Liddell?


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