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*wipes tear*

That's impressive restraint. You didn't even touch on chicken crossing the road jokes. And the lack of "yo' mama's so dumb that she makes Harriet Miers look qualified" type jokes is quite admirable.

I'm totally stealing the knock knock joke. Great post.


I'm sitting here in London at a little after 2am laughing my ass off at "originalism"...outstanding work.


Perhaps "The Originalists" could become a secret underground sort of handshake joke between blawgers and someday they'll make a documentary about it. Nevertheless, these jokes are very funny, it's too bad that you won't be telling them any time soon.


The joke about the party-reversal lesbian charge is funny 'cause its true.


That's the hardest I've laughed in a while. Thanks!

If she had stuffed the Constitution in her vagina, then she could have claimed to be a vaginalist. If she played the violin during all her judicial escapades, then she would be a violinist originalist lesbian vaginalist orificial of the court. Or, VOLVO for short.


if you can you get bob saget to read that one day and let me see it (on video or in person), i'll give you my firstborn.


That was so wrong.



That's not funny. Harriet's a fine, fine woman. Damn fine. So fine I expect Clarence will be wanting a piece.


Guffawing out loud. I heart you.


It's official. I have urinated. And that penis trickle spot on my boxer briefs is now as qualified as Harriet Miers. It's organalist, too.

Fall Downstairberg

How do we make this the #1 Google hit for originalism?

t.a. barnhart

i absolutely love "originalism". thank you thank you. made my friggin week

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