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You crack me up!


that is too funny; i'm in the library reading this and laughing hysterically. thank god it wasn't in class - there's no way i could have played that one off.


funniest thing you have ever posted.


I do not recommend reading this is class. Prof. Young is not happy with me.

BWV, you should work as a writer for SNL.


Um, did you mean for "Tony" to be "Nino"? Because that's how it reads. (Plus, "Tony" and "AK" are the same person, as far as I know.)

But, hey, otherwise, spot on!


Well, when I was hanging out with Antonin's mom, she called him "Tony."

All because I just wanted to avoid having to type out last names. Sheesh.


fuck them and their need for clarification, WV... if they can't figure out who is who from the information given, well then it's no wonder why they aren't reading a post on some Hahhvahd blog from one of their fellow students about the different wines that Wagner drank while composing masterpieces.

Geez... it's not rocket science.

who the hell couldn't figure out who Tony and AK were?

Congratulations, you have jumped the shark


Please. I jumped the shark the day I was featured on Access Hollywood.


Please. Your Mom jumps sharks for a living. And she's fat.


Please. At least I can still get on water skis, you puppy-raping, limbless, culture Nazi.


Go back to the Pre-Law boards. They miss you. HTH.

Wow, you really are hot and bothered over the SMU-grad nomination. I am sorry.


This probably second only to the post from the wingsandvodka.blogspot.com days about the play-by-play Notes from Memoland post in funnyness.

Great job.

Unreasonable Man

Very funny... but I still think that your best is either your interview way back in fall of your 2L year or the motion for a new venue in a different conference room at your firm.


I laughed hysterically at the "Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the commerce clause."


I'll never be able to look at CJ JR without picturing him in a robe with pink stripes... and a big pink sash... and a sparkly brooch. Thanks a lot!

I think they should go with the tiara too, though. Why stop short?


Someone should really photoshop John Roberts so that this post has a nice illustration to go with it.

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