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Salinger much?


what the fuck is the internet?


Just found a new and fun way to procrastinate - I got a sample copy of a new pop culture/movie magazine in the mail last week called "Look" and it has sucked me in. Just what we all need, a movie magazine with footnotes ... hmmm, maybe that is the next thing in law reviews - forget the recycled linen paper options, Christensen, and start offering to print our stuff on glossy! Ah, finals, the season where we all lose our perspective along with our minds.


The library is for losers. Unless your purpose for being there is to use the free wireless.

You aren't giving 1L's *correct* outlines, are you? Much more fun to give them wrong ones.

Glen Selvy

Did that SNL skit get you thinking? Nice adaptation.



ps: coffee is for closers.

The library is not a place for imparting life lessons.
The library is a place for going medieval on people who don't realize that "library" means something different from "lounge." I'm about to get my pliers and blow-torch out.


chill out, marsellus. the most ancient libraries, filled with philosophers (and probably whores and opium), were also places of loungery and cokery, and 1l fuckwithery. So call off the wolf and have a cocktail...

for finals' sake.

I never knew before now that finals had such an affinity for rice wine....


reminds me of that pacino rant in glengarry glen ross, actually.



"always be studying" duh for me. :!


David Mamet

You mother fucker.

a 2L

so i walk into my antitrust exam and i see you in there...for the first time all semester. in retrospect, attendance to that class was not all that necessary.


You call yourself a salesman, you son of a bitch?

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