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Sometimes I wish we were the underdog now and again so I didn't have this "nothing to gain and everything to lose" stress going into every game. I had about 20 heart attacks during the A&M game - one for everytime McGee broke for yardage on the option or we gave up the ball like like a Southern Baptist cheerleader on prom night.

mmmm. southern baptist cheerleaders. that'll make anyone stop crying and start smiling.

Reckless Murder

I would be rooting for that to actually be the final score except any game except USC-Texas would be painful to watch. So hook 'em horns.

Moonlighting in Misery

i just want to second the sentiment of mr. anonymous there.

i married one. big smiles.

Holy crap. I did too.

At least it wasn't because you realized you were still working for Mark & Bryan.

Generic Viagra

jajajajaja what a horrible nightmare, but easy this never gonna happen, maybe 28 to 0 but never this score.

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