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Joe Barton

The Aggies couldn't win the Texas 2A State Championship? They came *this* close to beating Texas without their QB. Would Texas have won that game without Vinnie? I think not.

It's apparent the Big 12 is overrated (again) this year. Texas will fare no better than Oklahoma (and perhaps worse due to the horns inexperience in big games) against USC.


Winning by two scores is *this* close? Reggie McNeal was the most overrated player in the Big 12 this year, he completely quit on the team at the end of the year (and I'm not talking about the injury). If he was playing A&M would have lost by 40. Notice that Texas was not prepared to play an option/wish bone style team but they adjusted and won comfortably.

Will we beat USC? I have no idea. But we'll never look as bad as OU did. Why? Because that whiny-faced bitch, Bob Stoops, is not pacing our sideline throwing temper tantrums and visors.

Barton might be an Aggie, but the BCS still sucks.

A four team playoff would have put the Horns in the championship picture last season.

Joe Barton

Two scores? You should be very proud. This is the worst Aggies team in three decades and the game was in question until 2:22. Don't tell me you weren't nervous in the fourth quarter against a horrible team. (Comfortably?)

No Stoops, but you are stuck with Mack Brown.


How's the Franchione era working out for you?


Hey, don't beat up on Reggie McNeal -- he's the best thing to have come out of my high school. (Including the guy with the 2nd highest score on the TX bar exam this year, who's now supposed to be bitter about the time he wasted studying.)


I'm the best thing to come out of my high school. And I suck.

Go Rangers!

Joe Barton

You don't need to transfer to Houston. My district is in North Texas (Arlington, Fort Worth).

Bring it on!

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