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Sally Field

You like me, you really like me! Before transferring to Baylor make sure you get your letter jacket out of the closet, they're still wearing them here.

Johhny B

I suggest Tulane we only close for apocalyptic natural disasters.


Not sure where your law school is located (I still can't decide if the reference to Buffalo Wings is to Buffalo, NY), but you could always consider transferring to a school in Upstate NY. At least we know how to deal with the snow here.


I don't think you could bear the class load at baylor.

I hope nicole is joking, I fear she is not.


Oh Sanford, must I add /sarcasm? If course I was joking;)


Oh Sanford, must I add /sarcasm? Of course I was joking;)

Don't leave VT out of the running. Under 2ft of snow? Wind chill above -40? Finals are still on! (as long as they mass-mail us to drive carefully)

Mr P

Smart move. This will boost your chances of passing the Texas bar.

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