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Everyone freaked out about non-floppy submission in Evidence. Come on people, all you do during class is check scores or do online-shopping; you think you'd be comfortable with the technology by now.


Yeah, but my wireless fucks up once an hour when I have to reauthenticate, and the proctors seem to have no clue as to whether that will mess up exam submissions. So if my law school exam is going to be messed up, then dammit, I want it to be visibly messed up, as is the case with a broken/dropped/melted disk.


Technology: moving us around the world at a click of a button!
Isn't it wonderful?

Glen Selvy

Nothing will make me disable my firewall. I think it's a ruse so that the IT staff can install some kind of spy program or keystroke logger on our machines. I mean, who knows what's gong on when we use their approved software?

Speaking of which, should I have trusted them and installed their software on my personal laptop? What other information might be beamed to them when we transmit our exams?! What else is being 'saved on the server'?

What's the frequency, Kenneth?!

tommy lawyer

I've never had a successful SecurExam on my laptop. Every single time I get the blue screen of death and it starts dumping memory.

Blue screen of death?! Are you still on Win98? They took the BSOD out of XP. Now they just do the China Syndrome and burn through your desk before proceeding down into the earth. Or maybe that's just Dell's.

Do they really expect us to disable our firewalls?


I don't think we have to disable our firewalls -- at least, I don't recall doing so for the exam in my one-week Professional Responsibility ("learn what forms of lying, cheating and stealing won't be prosecuted in 12 hours!") class at the beginning of the semester. I'm surprised if they really dropped this on y'all at the exam, though; we got a week's notice by email. Since I don't think anything can make SofTest worse than it is now, the change didn't faze me.

At least the litany of non-working functions supplied a nice skit for the fall Law Revue.

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