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Do 3L's still have study groups? I thought those were a luxury of being a naive 1L and trusting other students.

I was in a study group for about 2 sessions my first semester. It only made me feel less prepared, so I stopped going.


Maybe we could make AntiTrustOpoly with a leather board and gold pieces and charge like 2G's for it.

The properties could have names like Alcoa, Sylvania, and "Ver-i-san".

And the cards we draw could have Graglia-ism's like "oNothing is as valuable as skepticism, except for cynicism" and "Rockefeller saved the Damn Wales!"

Glen Selvy

shit, you make flashcards? I think all my (admittedly 1L) notes fit on a piece of paper I fold up and carry around in my back pocket.

Just to be clear, that's four classes worth of notes on that one sheet.

There was actually a board game called AntiMonopoly. Parker Bros. forced it out. Interesting litigation involved, too, if I recall.


They're still selling copies of that game, if it's the same one made by Uncommon Games. I bought one for my econ of antitrust prof in undergrad, and picked up a copy for myself while I was back in C'ville this summer. Have not been able to convince anyone to play, though. Maybe I'd have better luck with Desiopoly.

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