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Your cruelty knows no bounderies . . .


So, what you saying is that:

"Remember that one case about that statute? The one where the people disagreed and the one guy who disagreed with most said something like the majority's decision is wrong?"

That's not gonna cut it? Shit...

Reckless Murder

Only an explanatory parenthetical? No quotations? No citations to internal memos and drafts? Discussions of where the vote was originally? I think you've gone soft BWV.


your cruelty doesn't know any boundaries either.


OK, but more importantly, do you have any advice for law students who have been ruined from ever enjoying Law & Order again? Last night I objected 7 times in one show. And then I overruled my own objections, ordered certain statements stricken from the record, and declared a mistrial. Help me?


Limit yourself to L&E: CI. DiNofRio is clearly the best actor acting in TV crime drama today, and it doesn't focus anywhere near as much on the court part of things. It's all about the sexy, sexy interrogations.

Regarding parentheticals...is it still really necessary to lead w/ a gerund?


I'd also definitely recommend citing Examples and Explanations and Gilbert's Law Summaries.


Gerunds? No. Present particples? Sure.

Journal standard BB citation, too: learn how to do small caps in your exam software now.

Remember to cite the oral arguments for the case as well whenever it is appropriate.

And definitely impress your prof by working in references to every case mentioned in commercial outlines which is not mentioned at all in your case book or in class - it let's your prof know that you're paying attention.

And don't forget that the basic Lexis journal search is only for US and Canadian journals - you're losing points if you don't hit Europe. England is the birthplace of Common Law, for crying out loud - they have something to say about most of your first year courses.

As for Legal Research and Writing, don't worry. If you have an exam, just bring your crayons.

Reckless Murder

Is a gerund the words that end in "ing"? I go to a school where they don't teach us the real word for it. Just call me OKLA CITY LAW 5L.


I think it looks like this:

Present Participle: (arguing that W&V is a moron)

Gerund: "I'm tired of their overly loud copulating upstairs. Really. What normal 85-year-old needs to do it that much?"
(-ing word acting as a noun)

Gerund: "F***ing is a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon."
Gerundive: "Federal Courts is a f***ing bitch."
Participle: "Federal Courts is f***ing me up the butt and calling me Susie."

This should be in that little TLR style manual.


Don't I also need to cite the page number in our case book where the case is discussed, and a provide a detailed recap of class discussion? Because I don't want to think that I went too far.

Ron Mexico

"Don't I also need to cite the page number in our case book where the case is discussed ...."
You must have had Cohen for property... we actually exam instructions for proper citation to cases and articles.

Don't forget to bring a towel.

chicken n beer

also, citations to the federalist papers are generally helpful. especially if you're making an originalist argument. house reports, committee reports, and changes as a relevant bill goes through different drafts are probably the difference between a B and a B+ in statute-laden classes.


Why memorization? don't y'all have open-note exams?

L&C 1L

What about dissenting opinions? Do we need to discuss these in the exams? Our Con Law class never got passed Marbury, so its OK, but I think our other classes had some dissenting opinions we had to read.

Pitt 3L

I think one thing that is obviously missing is something that I've seen people receive F's for at my institution, the University of Pittsburgh.

If the case involved is considering a statute, full reference and accurate citation to AT LEAST 2 relevant pieces of legislative history are to be presented along with the full ciatation as you have described. Further, failure to cite to the relevant pieces of legislative history will always earn the student a grade cut. It is important to note that citing to committee reports is favored over citing to floor speeches, unless it is a floor speech that was later added to the record and never actually spoken on the floor. The bluebook can help out anyone who is having problems with the proper format. Remember, misplaced commas separate the A students from the B+ students!

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I think memorizing is the best way to pass the exams while open book exam is more difficult than any other. Off course teacher won't give any thing that can easily available in the books.


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