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I use Depends when I have to sit through long-winded speaches by those ultra-liberal nut-jobs like Martin Frost. You might want to try that when you take your exam. I also bring along a Red Bull and a Powerbar to keep me awake.

Everything is Washington is about attitude. Go in thinking you'll kick some liberal ass and you probably will. You might want to try thinking that you'll kick your exam's ass (or better yet, your liberal professor's ass).


Ah, just the advice I was looking for. I feel much better. Thanks.

That's "librul"....liihhh-bruhhhl.



I've got my answer to number three all figured out. I'll be drinking the blood of the 1Ls as they come out of Mullenix's Civ Pro exam and slit their wrists. This assumes that their heads did not explode during the exam itself. Good luck kids!


4) Come up with a slightly more original style of comic writing.

As aforementioned, yes, I'm just bitter about not being funny myself.

Ron Mexico

don't forget to give one of those fruit baskets to the proctor. actually, that's the key to finals success--lots of fruitbaskets...

Those 3 bits of advice are much appreciated. Keep up the great work.


3. I usually keep a flask in my backpack and have a cooler full of beer waiting in my car.


I think I have *become* a fruit basket.

#3 should come first, I think. I like Ruth's suggestion, except I would definitely break out the flask during the exam and then people would want me to share and it would get ugly.

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