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Jeff S.

Love it.

Therefore, the natural grey market that arises when artificial barriers are put into place controlling supply and demand.

Oklahoma City School of Law 4L

Does Mrs. AndVodka ever feel kind of like she's married to Howard Stern . . . with fewer naked women and much "geekier" fans?

Jason Boothe

Nice, very nice.

I haven't thought it through yet, but maybe this could be analyzed along the lines of a Cournot duopoly.


I still think phrasing it in terms of out-put contracts sounds funnier. And hey that keeps you out of Clayton and in Sherman, where, let's face it, we are all more comfortable.


the anti-free market and anti-competitive effects of a marriage transaction.


You all get F's. Your failure to see that this is an exclusive dealing contract proves my pedagogical failure. But wait, you say - this is a contract for services? Services are only incidental to the product - babies. The marriage agreement forecloses competitors which restricts both number and genetic diversity of new persons.

some married guy

Dude - If you're married, you got to know that her supply has very little, if anything to do with his demand.

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