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The better team never wins the Holiday Bowl. It's a tradition.

Remember Texas in 2003?

Now, lay off the Pac-10, fucker.


Pac-10 is just about the lamest BCS conference. See ASU against Rutgers, Cal barely escaping the legend that is BYU, and Oregon getting manhandled by a Sooner squad that virtually plays without an O-Line.

And, I am getting effing sick of this "USC's place in history" bull. Miami fans are right when they say that this is basically what takes place on ESPN every three minutes:

Mark May: Well, the apostles weigh about 160 a piece, on average, and....USC's OL averages 300 apiece. I'm saying SC runs on God's chosen.

Herbstreit: Don't forget, Carrol would have a whole month to game plan for the Lord. I bet in that one month that he could find a way to blitz, get the ball to Jarrett on slants. You know, this one is over at half.

Lou Holtz: What if God, like they told us at Sister Mary of Ignatius, where I was taught by Mother Francine, God rest her soul, what if the Living God sent a wave of locusts and a famine on USC's defense?

May: How much do the locusts weigh?

Holtz: Shaddup!

Herbstreit: Coach. I, ugh, know what you're saying but I gotta still pick USC over the Lord of the Heavens and the Oceans. A famine could affect USC's run game and Bush but then how do you shut down Leinart and that passing game?

Holtz: A rain of endless fire. Thatsh how !!!!!

Herbstreit: I ...I don't know, coach. I'm just not feeling our Creator and Father in this matchup.

May: How much does fire weigh?

Holtz: Shaddup !!!

Herbstreit: USC 38 God 34. Turnovers decide it.

May: How much does God weigh?

Holtz and Herbstreit: Shaddup !!!!


Hey...at least your Bruins are coming out on top.

You would have had a year's worth of shit from Ron Mexico if that had gone sour.



Your dialogue confuses me. Is it an attempt at humor or a cry for help?

And for the record, anybody with any sporting sense whatsoever knows that the Big East is the lamest BCS Conference.


Obviously, nobody counts the Big East. If we bring them in, we have to bring in Texas 5A high school football as well.



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!


Informed UT Fan

Did you watch the game, Mike? If you had, your post would be just plain stupid.

Oregon gave that game away and was playing without its senior quarterback. A true freshman quarterback threw that interception in the endzone. Had it sailed two inches higher you would be eating your words.

Oregon may have lost, but being blindly biased is not good for the sportsmanship that college sports are supposed to embody.

Try to make your next post a little more enlightening and informed

A Really Informed UT Fan

It wasn't any true freshman QB, it was Ryan Leaf's little brother, and that he is even allowed to play college football demonstrates how shitty the Pac 10 is.


That Oregon allows Ryan Leaf's little brother to play college football demonstrates how shitty the Pac-10 is?

You're a moron.


Can't we all just get along? And by get along I mean direct any and all hatred in the direction of Miami. Two of their players got knocked unconscious after the game yesterday in the fight with LSU players. That valiant act by the LSU players probably prevented 7 rapes, 3 armed robberies, and dozens of misdemeanors.

dennis dixon started the game for oregon--he's a sophomore. this was the fifth game that dixon and leaf played in considerably, not even counting dixon's extended appearance in oregon's meltdown against the trojans.

saying that oregon came into this game with a question mark at qb is utterly retarded. it's not like clemens went down during bowl workouts. hell, oklahoma had to play rhett bomar, and he is terrible. oregon just sucks like the rest of the pac-10, save usc. even they are going down in a few days anyway, almost certainly by double digits.

the most informed ut fan

i forgot to mention that ou is at best the big 12's third best team, while oregon is clearly the pac 10's second best.

oregon didn't give anything away either. if anything, ou tried their damndest to give it away. they should have been up by 17 but for peterson's loony stretch for the goalline.

oh yeah, ou sucks


Quit bullshiting. There's nothing clear about whether OU or Oregon are the second or third best teams in their respective conferences. UCLA beat the same OU team that Oregon lost to and finished with the same record. And who is the second best Big 12 team? Texas Tech? You really wanna put your chips on Tech?

When you stack up the best teams from each conference against one another, sorry, there's not a huge difference: TX, OU, TT, Neb, and Mizzou vs. USC, UCLA, Oregon, ASU, and Cal.


divisadero, you are a fucking retard. Here is a two step: 1. Get your ugly mug out of your ass. 2. Watch some football.

Simi, how many Pac-10 games have you watched? Obviously you should be watching more football instead of making personal attacks.


Good one, Simi. A real zinger. Now scurry back to whatever pre-law forum, Baylor dormatory, or Taco Cabana kitchen you came from, brainiac.

(And for the record, I'm totally, totally handsome.)


Awwwww. Is someone ticked off because UCLA got butt-stomped by the "other" school? Here is what I think:

ESPN’s Ludicrous USC vs. Champions-of-the-Past Polls: Stop it already. USC hasn’t won this year’s championship quite yet. (See OU last year for a classic example of unfounded overhyping.) They have two wins over quality opponents (ND and Oregon) and two barely-wins against shitty opponents (Fresno State and ASU). Sorry, not too impressive. Also, only a small percentage of ESPN.com’s demographic has any familiarity with college teams before the 1970’s and 1980’s. I know I don’t. My guess is that less than half of Espn.com's readers know anything about the championship teams of the 1990's.

I guess this is what I was trying to say minus that silly bit about Oregon.

Wow. Dude, UCLA won. Idiot.


I think the "other" school refers to USC. UCLA lost to USC. Idiot.

Well then that makes absolutely no sense. Not timely or aforementioned. Idiot.


I'm overcome by all of the testosterone in this comment section.

I agree, Sidebar. And we can all see what testosterone does to the quality of the debate.

Not that I'm suggesting anything.

Here's a riddle to calm the testy rage: What do Kansas State, Texas, California, and Oregon all have in common? Here's a hint: Texas A&M, Washington State, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma.

I wonder if students at OU Law talked this much shit before last year's game. I also wonder if OU has a law school. I wonder...


informed UT fan is a douche bag.

just wait unti next year when michigan rightfully claims their place as the best team in the country. just you wait.


Greatest. Thread. Ever.


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