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Sorry about the cold induced craziness, but nice Ghostbusters quote, nonetheless.


No shit. I wanted to use the library today too, for the first time all year.

Go figure.


Temperatures in Colorado are hovering around zero. But we proceed like it's business as usual. Apparently those of us who dwell in cold climates are tough enough to handle it, but I sort of think no one should have to be outside in weather like this, finals or not.

Yeah, after last Saturday, the one word I associate w/ Colorado is "tough." No... wait... the word is actually "blowout." Maybe "rape." But not "tough."

Go Buffs! 100-6!


I'm a desert rat, so when it dips into the frigid 30's and 40's here in Las Vegas, my Michigan friends laugh at my teeth-chattering and glove-wearing. "You wouldn't last a day in winter in Detroit."

"Why don't you drive in 122 degree weather across Phoenix in rush hour traffic in a truck with no air conditioning and noxious fumes pouring into the cab, and then talk to me about surviing shitty weather?" is my typical response.

A-holes. Good luck with the cold, dude. I totally feel your pain.


The thing is...it doens't matter whether you can drive when there's ice on the road, becuase nobody else can and they will run your ass over.

I always stay off the road when it's below-freezing and a little wet around here.

In Los Angeles, of course, it's even more comical. The insane reaction we have to ice? They have it when it sprinkles fucking rain there. There's weather reporters in front of soggy lawns reporting on the torrential (1 inch in about a day and a half) downpour.

Of course if my 5 million dollar house was clinging pathetically to a fast-eroding dirt-and-gravel cliff, it might warrant some concern...


You should come to Baylor Law. We'll be conducting business as usual throughout all apocolyptic activities and on into the new world order.

Your grandma

Make sure you bring in your plants tonight or they might freeze. Don't be cruel to your plants. PLANTS!!!!


HRP don't come over here and jock my wannabe BWV blog. At least give a homie a link shout out.


It wasn't an old lady in the buick. It was me, and that orphan shouldn't have been there morning over his parents anyway.


It wasn't an old lady in the buick. It was me, and that orphan shouldn't have been there mourning his parents anyway.

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