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b. c.

Can we extend this question to 2L's as well...what kind of 2L grades would keep you from getting a permanent offer from a firm after the summer?

In answer to b.c., if you fall below my firm's "cut off" you ain't getting an offer. It's applied to law review members (none from UT though)
It's funny to watch the recruiting "girls" with their corporate communications degrees getting snotty and judgmental about grades. Very funny and sad.

b. c.

So, to follow up, is your firm a Texas firm where offers are only traditionally given to ~50% of students or are you in NYC where typically ~95% of students get offers?


I'm also curious about the answer to this question.

If the answer is anything like what happens when you resign from law review, I think the it's purple crayon all the way.

Baylor Law will give D's or fail your ass in a second.


but even if they wouldn't rescind, do you really want the moniker "double double D" to follow you around the firm hallways?

"Double double D" beats the hell out of "Bat Licker" any day

This is anecdotal only, there there was a guy in my class who was top five percent, blah blah blah, Mr. All-American ambition and came back from our first year summer with an offer from the very snobby "best law firm in our region." He kind of went down hill after that, got involved with a married classmate, did not apply to LR Ed Board, did not even make a 3.0 our last semester ... and he is a very happy associate there right now. But he did have "the look" and was a golf champion, so there are other factors involved there I guess :).


I know in Chicago most of the major firms have told my friends who are working as third years "just don't fail." Basically as long as you pass the classes and graduate they don't care.


Note how the previous comment ranks "not applying to Law Review Editorial Board" as being equal--in the canon of bad decisions--to getting involved with a married classmate and abject academic laziness.

Hear that 2L's members. Better start working on those apps...

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