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What is scary is that my first thought as I rolled out of bed this morning was, "I wonder if the breakfast tacos will be there at 7:30?"

We need to pass a hat and send the delivery person a tip.

I   I   I

Dude, mail some of those to Boston.

I could use some pico de gallo to warm the

5 degree wind chill right about now.


What are you doing with the extra tacos? Because there are some very hungry non-TLR peons here right now. I know I'm not worthy to take your food, but perhaps you could reclassify it as "garbage" and I can "take" it out of the trashcan in the hall.


Come on down. there's enough for everyone.


does bad weather make webmail fall apart???? I can't even get emails to see if the school is open!



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