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print this and turn it in for me to SAO for o/g exam; i plan on sleeping in. :)


"7. Implied Covenant to Make Up Your Fucking Mind, Dr. McDreamy."


The problem is that I can't even make up my mind about who *I* want him to be with.


you forgot the implied covenant to not mess with texas.

UT34 USC 20

laffy taffy

if everyone made smiley faces, some would be better than others. Those with the superior intellect would demonstrate a slightly better understanding of the content. Just because you can draw a good one, wings, don't try and swindle the rest of us.

Oh, Halo 2. I forgot about Halo since I started law school.

It is like being re-introduced to an old friend!

Uh, you do know that they can go off the curve for cause, right? Like massive collusion by exam takers.

Oklahoma City School of Law 4L

"Uh, you do know that they can go off the curve for cause, right? Like massive collusion by exam takers."

People like you are the reason that this stroke of genius would never work! It's a classic prisoner's dilemma and you're in the other room squealin' as fast as you can. Sheesh!

Ron Mexico

do you think a kick square in the nuts is cause for going off the curve? cuz i've got a whole foot-full of curve (and nut) busting goodness.

How about we just rochambeaux them for it?

Implied Covenant not to watch ESPN Sportcenter's "Is USC 2005 the Greatest College Team ever?" report when USC hasn't even won the #[email protected]#*@ing national championship.


NEW ENTRY: favorite thing learned in oil & gas: To adversely possess a mineral estate, there must be penetration.

Asian Provocateur

what are implied covenants? geez...you law students talk weird.

Gavin Whenman

An implied undertaking. It's usually implied by statute.


I know this blog is closed, and I know my corporations exam is on wednesday, but in regards to #4 - Implied Covenant Not to Mess with Somebody Else’s Halo 2 Game:

Is this an allusion to the fact that the Halo bad guys are the "Covenant"? Because if so it is both too subtle and not funny. Or maybe, as is often the case, I'm too dumb to understand your joke.



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