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Oklahoma City School of Law 4L

Don't know if I would say that it's back already, but that was the funniest skit I've seen since Chris Farley was on SNL--or at least since Will Farrel was there.

Oklahoma City School of Law 4L

Here's the video LINK

Ron Mexico

"You can call us Aaron Burr from the way we're droppin' Hamilton"

well, that seals the deal. i thought i had a future as a rap-battlin' mc (think 8 mile), but i have been dethroned.


Ron Mexico

"UPDATE: OKC4L makes himself useful ...."

There is a first for everything (including me failing a law school class, i.e., fed courts).


Don't talk about failing fed courts. I'm taking that SOB tomorrow.

Oh...and that actually was a good skit. I'm amazed.


Other than Niel Young, the rest of the episode was pretty weak.

But George Lopez on Comedy Central this weekend--that was funny.

"Welcum to Yack in ta Bos, can I hell you?"

I'll be ghost like Swayze.


West Coast Law school



It's kind of along the lines of Just @ Guyz by Incredibad. Some of their songs are up on www.thelonelyisland.com


Chris Parnell...the most inexplicable case of Flow there ever was. His occasional Weekend Update raps always had me confused at how a white guy could rap like that. *Finally*, he has someone to play off on that stuff.

Fantastic. Just fantastic.


For those of you who want to actually download the video, here's a link...don't know how long this'll stay up before he/she runs out of bandwidth..


Best skit in a decade. Love it!

Oklahoma City School of Law 4L

Speaking of SNL . . . has anyone else noticed the Whole Foods sandwich bar lady who looks like "I'm Carrrrolll!"? The resemblance is striking.

Prof. Schwarzenegger

That's awesome. I actually just sent a link of that video to all my buddies the other day.

The best part? I used the same tag line of "Call me Aaron Burr from the way I'm droppin' Hamiltons."

I'm just waiting to give that line to some unsuspecting store clerk.

you can download it now on itunes for free

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