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I agree. I sat in shock as I witnessed one of the greatest moments in douche-bag history. What an asshat.

Craig Ferguson

I totally agree. What a dick! Hopefully Donald will offer her the job anyway.


Dude, it's reality tv. Maybe if he had agreed that Trump should hire Rebecca, Trump would have re-negged on Randall's offer and given it to Rebecca instead, rather than in addition to. I would have done the same thing.

people still watch the Apprentice. that was so 2003


Finally, a black man wins. Then he's asked to share his spot?!! Did Trump ask dude from the first show to share with Kwame?

Why is Randal the only winner that had this question put to him?

Don't you think that if Trump wanted to hire Becky he would have made a unilateral decision to do so (without asking anybody anything)?

Since when does Trump ask anyone's opinion?

Becky should have done the classy thing and refused the offer. She sould have said "Mr. Trump, thank you for the vote of confidence, but I respectfully decline the offer. I believe that Randal deserves to be the Apprentience.

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