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Fresno State will be playing in the Liberty Bowl. Which bowl will the Aggies be in? Oh yeah, we're not even bowl eligible! (Franchione must fry, bring back that successful cheater Sherrill!) One man shows (i.e. the 'horns) may play in the boondocks, but you need more of an ensemble cast to make it in Hollywood (er, Pasadena).

Here's a fun game. Take Texas and OK State (the top and the bottom teams) out of the Big 12, then compare one-for-one the teams in the Big East to the teams in the Big 12 (Tech = Louisville, OK = WV, A&M = Pitt, etc.) The Big East is the bottom feeder of the BCS and the Big 12 is not far behind.

P.S. If I had feelings, you would have hurt them. :(

damn, colorado got lit up, TAMU bonfire style

"an" tool?

You don't know shit about football. Stick with being funny. Big 12 SUCKS and you know it. Just wait til USC kicks UT's ass in the Rose Bowl... mark my words: BLOW OUT.

Apples and Oranges. Two words: match ups.

January 4, 2005: OU(12-0) -6 vs. USC(11-0)

In light of what happened on Saturday, I think it's clear that USC is going to kick the hell out of UT. Sorry! Oh wait...no, I'm really not.

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