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The hours include chargeable, pro bono and management approved non-chargeable hours.

Ah ha!


Makes working anywhere outside of Texas look bad financially.

c is wrong

bonus is just as important as base. TX-5; everywhere else 25-35.


I think c is actually right. Look at cost of living. I could have a villa here for what my half-decent apartment is going to set me back in L.A.

I wonder what the shake-down is. I'm waiting to hear that there are no more benefits, or that you have to wear firm-branded clothing at all times, or that minimum billable is up 20%, or that...

c is wrong

@tbag- i agree on the cost of living, but that wasn't the point of c's post. the discrepancies b/w nationals and texas firms are still the same. nationals still make 35-40 more than TX. no reason why this raise would make any difference in making a decision.

Mr. P

1. Fulbright will surely match before the summer starts.

2. Other national firms with regional offices will follow.

3. It will be interesting to see which tx-based firms do not match. for years texas lawyers knew that the big-3 are in a class of their own. those who don't match are bascially acknowledging this.

4. If the entire texas market moves to 140, UT Law will move up in the rankings.


Law firms are lame.

Ron Mexico

Actually C is right. The discrepancies may still be the same (assuming you're making full bonus in NY), but, as T-Bag pointed out, the raise in TX can get you more than the raise in NY. The extra bump is going to go a significantly long way, whereas in NY it might let you get another 50 sq ft on your apartment. Just as $110,000 will go further in TX than $140,000 in NY, a $25,000 raise will go significantly further in TX as well. Logically, a raise of equal amounts is therefore worth far more to the TX attorneys than to the NY attorneys. Also, when you raise the amount that each attorney is making by the same amount (especially a substantial $25k increase), then the TX attorneys are now making a larger percentage of what the NY attorneys make. I don't know why I care--it's not like a have a horse in this race...

c is wrong is a douche

and less bonus means you dont have to work the extra hours to get a bonus so that you feel like there's some reason for still working in your lame east coast firm


Trust me, from a person that knows, Texas salaries will get you A LOT more, particularly in Dallas, than slightly higher salaries elsewhere. I am now elsewhere, in a city slightly smaller than the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with a job with one of the best firms in town....and frankly, the high cost of living compared to the salary absolutely bites. Long Live Texas Firm Salaries! Long Live Dallas Cheapness!

The Donk

All I need is enough to get me one of these...



Scuttlebutt says LockeLiddell is moving up to BakerBotts levels.

And word on the street is that Gardere will follow suit.


I don't get d's post. Why "ah ha" about the billable hours?


It's not just Texas. A few SF firms, my own thankfully included, have jumped from $125K to a $135K base plus bonuses.

For what it's worth, I hear that Winstead sent a memo to their associates informing them that they would NOT be following suit...

c is handsome

what about hughes & luce?


Anyone know when firms are supposed to update NALP to reflect this stuff?

And it keeps on - Jenkins & Gilchrist and Porter & Hedges raise... http://www.law.com/jsp/tx/PubArticleTX.jsp?id=1143557269134

Hughes and Luce: http://www.law.com/jsp/tx/PubArticleTX.jsp?id=1143812714955

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Hughes and Luce: http://www.law.com/jsp/tx


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