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Anonymous Asshole

Your linking skills need some work, kind of like my knowledge of Secured Credit.

T-Minus 11 hours to failing my final law school final.


Fact, and fact.

I feel confident that I have just managed to pull myself into the passing range. Apparently, all the rules about this stuff are in this statutory supplement we were supposed to order.


Here's to hoping that it has 85 MC questions, 1 T/F (separate scantron) and an essay discussing the difference between unperfect and imperfect security interests.

Back to tabbing...

Anonymous Asshole

If Mann holds true to form it'll be 40-50 MC and 2-3 essays. I think he said 3 essays in class, but WTF do I know, I never went to class.

The tricky part is the pluperfect subjunctive security interests.

Anonymous Asshole

I pretty much nailed the exam format. That will, of course, be the only thing I nailed on that exam.

assessment and evaluation graduate certificate

I have to admit that I was wrong.


hi i am new here just wana say hi to all members


Just build this forum via google. Glad to join you. I came here to learn your lingo . thanks all.

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