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Will the babies come with white suits or military uniforms?


i know a guy who started a puppy rental service in new york... chicks like the puppies. he does well

Anonymous Asshole



The real problem with starting a baby rental service, as opposed to a puppy rental service, is the liability. Apparently some insurance agencies seem to think that it would be unethical to issue a liability policy for such a company. Not me.


there's obviously a market for renting babies to subway riders to breastfeed while in transit, with no covering blanket or jacket...

good luck with that.


and for people who stare at mothers who are feeding their children.

perhaps you could put a blanket over your head if you are so bothered by it.

Ron Mexico

I think you're _____ ____ stupid for not taking Bar bri. any idiot can ____ the benefit in spending all damn morning listening to a professor read a copy of the outline you ____ in front of you and filling in the random missing words. This is the ultimate study tool, and you're missing out, _____hole. good luck taking the bar again in february. seriously, this is the most ____ pathetic experience of my life. the "lecture" is of no use whatsoever (it doesn't even begin to approach the vicinty of usefulness). I don't think I'm going back, except for practice tests and the test-specific lectures.


Do you guys bring your laptops in there, and do you have wireless access?

Ron Mexico

1. no--that would distract us from filling in the blanks as the "lecturer" reads the outline word for word for three hours.

2. no--it's held in a warehouse (next door to a flea market). i'm surprised it has electricity and running water. though they did put tableclothes over the bare wood tables today, resulting in me getting far fewer splinters in my arm than yesterday.


Actually, there is wireless access. It seems counter productive to bring a computer though. It's hard enough just to stay awake during the lecture.

How's Micromash working for you?


Say something funny goddamnit!


hi there - starting a new blog on the VA bar exam. also has information on the NY bar exam and the bar exam in general. check it out! hope that it is helpful!!


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