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Mr. P

I spent my 30 minutes travel time doing yoga, which made me fall asleep.

Anonymous Asshole

I cut & pasted my response to essay #1 from my class note - thank god that was the week my color was on call.

LOCKBOX for the win!

Chattel paper on the notion that the underlying debt is secured by knee caps?


The sad part is that we, separately, had that very discussion re: poker debt ourselves on the way to lunch.

Oh and congrats.

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No wonder he knew how to spin a classic yarn! His prodigious output of nearly a hundred adventure stories was the natural fruit of the rich Scottish legacy of unbridled courage, undaunted chivalry, literary excellence,

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Way to break the bank Carnival....free bus ride back to San Diego after no air or decent food.

Do not tell me they cannot afford plane tickets back to these peoples locations...they have deals with almost all airlines, plus the package cost of the cruise tickets are much more than a plane ticket even without a discount. Yes they are refunding -- but I am sure there are a ton of loop holes that are worked into those refunds.

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