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Elle Woods

No, I had an exam with a break between the multiple choice and essay and I almost shanked a gunner with my pen.


Sheesh, and I thought my 5-minute Amy's Ice Cream break between the multiple guess and essay portions was hard core. I feel so unworthy now...


I believe question d) is meant to replace the word "enjoyable" with "tolerable."


The only way that law school exams could be made more tolerable for me is to compress them into no longer than an hour and a half. It's not like I have anything important to say after 90 minutes anyways. By that point I'm already daydreaming about drinking after the test.

Is the justification solid on shanking a gunner? 'Cause I feel like I could be pretty justified.


I'm sure going to miss you when you graduate!

Common misconception. The proctor instructions only say that you may not take anything from the exam room. You may bring whatever you like back in, be it coffee, a notebook or TV's Joyce DeWitt

Enough of this...when are you posting your graduation speech online? Since *someone whose name will not be written here* is giving the actual speech, I think you need to get yours up here ASAP so we can all enjoy it prior to graduation. My $.02.

Whats up with that rumor about the 1Ls? Are they going to be put on double secret probation?

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I have no professional responsibility, I failed all this test

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