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Wow, the more details that fly around the more I can understand the 1Ls plan to cheat. Assuming the rumors are true, then it seems to me that a group of people dumb enough to hatch that plan were probably at the bottom of the curve and cheated out of desperation.

Ridiculous. Even if you are at the bottom of the curve, that doesnt mean you cheat out of desperation...cheating out of desperation is what students at places like South Texas College of Law do b/c the bottom of THEIR curve means they fail out of lawschool. You can't do that here unless you try really really hard...or, you know, CHEAT!

Anonymous Asshole

Hey you 1L's - someone post the text of the e-mails the school is sending out.

Bathroom Stall

What I don't understand is how they got caught? If someone else was in the bathroom--then what were THEY doing in the bathroom, too? Participating in their own cheating ring?

Oklahoma City School of Law 4L

Come on, 1Ls! What the hell are y'all good for if not to fill the rest of us in on the good law school drama. I am utterly underwhelmed by your work. And, come on, those of us who have been sitting on a beach for the past few weeks without finals know that 1Ls have been furiously hitting the refresh button on your grades . . . so, not being online to fill us in is no excuse!

I WANT DETAILS! This is way better than the guy who used his laptop with an outline on it after being told to close the laptop our year.

I'm a 1L, and except for what has been posted here and on amicus curiae, I haven't heard a thing about this...perhaps you've all been scammed?


I envision a Maria Full of Grace scenario... Where they have rolled up different sections of an outline and swallowed them in a condom. They then pass the outline in the stall, read it and flush....

The Fake Lynn Blais

Posted to blackboard from Blais:

I have heard from several students in Section 3 that there is widespread suspicion of unethical exam behavior among some members of the Section. I sincerely hope that these suspicions are unfounded.

I remind all of you that cheating is a violation of the honor code that, if verified, will most likely result in expulsion from the law school. Moreover, violating the law school's honor code with unethical exam behavior would be a substantial impediment to ever being admitted to the bar.

The proctors, and I, will be in the hallways tomorrow during your exam making sure that everyone complies with all aspects of the honor code.

Good luck on the exam.


I envisioned a scenario more along the lines of Spies Like Us. Answers inside of a fake cast, on the backside of an unnecessary eye patch, or even fake cardiac arrest.

And why all this talk of remaking Revenge of the Nerds, when a remake of Spies Like Us casting Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson would generate billions more at the box office. Plus isn't there a rule about remaking movies which have already had sequels made--might tear a hole in the space time continium or something?



1. No, it is not easier to remember stuff than to cheat. Consider just how high the students were at the time. Can you remember stuff? Hell, finding the class requires a map.

2. Always - and I mean, always - tape the outline to the bottom of the gun. Don't hide it in the barrel, like that guy "Four Fingers."

3. No. Actions have consequences, and once they have paid the ultimate consequence of being sternly warned, nothing more should or can be done. Unless everyone wants lawyers hired.

Of course, everyone wants lawyers hired. Excellent.

4. True. Duh.

5. Well, remember that only one guy thought of this plan in the first place. He got the other nine in so he'd have people to rat out if caught; then the other nine get expelled, and he gets a medal for exposing their wrongfulness.

6. Many easy explanations come to mind:

A. "Sorry, I thought I was at SMU."

B. "I never saw a rule against getting outlines in the bathroom."

C. "The other nine students made me do it; they said they'd kill my hamster and subscribe me to magazines I didn't want if I didn't go along with them." (You should cry during this one.)

D. "No hablo Ingles."

E. "Vince Young said I could."

--JRM, who stuck to the standard of stapling $50 bills to each page of the bluebook. (This was sometimes enough to get me to C- territory.)

wow. I've been so immersed in studying for my own finals that I've missed all this craziness.
Thanks for the juicy (though extremely disheartening) gossip.

Oklahoma City School of Law 4L

The days pass by but things with W&V guests stay the same . . . everyone wants to be the man, see JRM, but no one can beat the man, Id.. See, even in my post mocking JRM's awful posting I'm making a futile and clearly unsuccessful attempt at humor. It's sad, just plain sad.


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