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Mr. P

Yah the T/F were something. You should have tabbed the sales store materials. I especially liked how he made us use a second scantron, but we had to start bubbling on #86.


Sigh. Actually did go through the trouble of making an index for the ss materials, and that will probably be my only real source of points on the whole exam.


If we had been asked to guess our top 200 most likely questions to be on the exam, how many would we have guessed correctly? Four, maybe five?

mind-melted 3L

2. They have spleens of many colors.
4. Fcking hilarious. Made my day.


yeah I wasted a whole week of my life studying for questions that may have well been about unicorns, I feel so dumb...


There is a simple three part test for acing that Securities Exam:
1) Did you read every word - but especially the authors' names - in the sales store material?
2) Did you occasionally go to class?
3) Are you a multi-billion dollar information sorting super computer?

True or False: "... According to Steve McQueen, the adjective that most-accurately describes an interest rate swap is 'tubular'"

Mr. P

Holy shit you indexed the ss materials??? I spent 30 minutes going thru the footnotes.


is it a joke that we were supposed to start bubbling the M/C at #86?

Anonymous Alum

"I especially liked how he made us use a second scantron, but we had to start bubbling on #86."

So true, as it was several years ago. That's a bitch of a test. It was one of the best classes I've ever taken. But I think the exam covered about 3% of the class. The good part about that test is that, in its madness, it probably (not definitely)) does a good job of separating those who really knpw the subject from those who don't. Apparently I was one of those who don't.

This makes me nervous about my upcoming BA exam that apparently has TF beasts.

You can't be worried about BA.

Henry Hu makes David Sokolow look like Loftus Carson.

Loftus Carson

I'll sue anyone who talks about me on this blog, starting with you |.

Eliot Sweizter

Perhaps I'm being ambiguous, but I would like to smack a certain person over the head with my statutory supplement.

Anonymous Alum

The BA exam is only a slight-dip easier. So be nervous.



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