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Anonymous Asshole

I gots SC on Tue on I for damn sure ain't doing nothing tonight but watching Survivor (go Terry!) and then The West Wing finale (go Bartlett!).


I happen to know that your Mom's favorite thing is being your Mom. She would have posted a comment on the previous entry but couldn't figure out how to do it. She had to run but says she loves you too. She said something about Mother's Day gifts from the Adult Super Store near the strip.
Senior discount.

InSecured ... Credit

I was going to take the SC exam on Monday, but that was until:

(1) Terry got booted from Survivor... seriously... there is no way Danielle poses naked if she wins 1 million dollars... If she hasn't perfected my interest I don't know what will.

(2) I remembered that Tuesday was after Monday.

Oklahoma City School of Law 4L

Seriously, what the hell are the Grey's producer people doing??!! Some of us only have a one tuner DVR! Tonight is going to be such torture. Prison Break and 24 or Grey's finale?? Decisions decisions. Oh, not to mention the Mavs whoopin' up on the Spurs to take a 3-1 lead . . . . I knew I should have sold my laptop for a new triple tuner DVR!

James Mikus

Remember the President hates us all. Set your TiVos to record the show right after the one you want.

His Mexican hating speech is supposed to last until 7:20 or so.


Anonymous Asshole

Anyone else catch the fuckup at the beginning of TWW about The Founding Fathers & the inaguration date? This shit never happened when Sorkin was still in charge. Overall just a blah episode, plus no Toby.



I did catch that, but I forgot to write about it because I was too busy being annoyed that they didn't get Glenn Close for the swearing in.

Anonymous Asshole

They had fake Glen Close for the swearing in - how much more do you expect?

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I have to admit that I was wrong.

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went on a carnival cruise....was the most miserable 7 days I have spent in many years....food was so salt ridden that I gained 5 lbs in fluid, horrible customer service, pathetic port calls....I will never do it again!

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