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Anonymous Asshole


Anonymous Asshole

What you're really missing at Bar Bri is all the tools who feel the need to leave 90 seconds early so they can beat traffic out of the parking lot every day.

Ron Mexico

yeah, because it's significantly less toolish to wait for the last blank and then sit in the parking lot for 20 goddamned minutes. Some of us just have better shit to do than sit in a parking lot after 3.5 hours of mind-blowing boredom. but that last blank is going to make all the difference...

Wasn't there a major conflagration of parking- lot rage a couple of years ago as law students were on their way out of a bar review course?

Anonymous Asshole

Wow Ron, no wonder you have the herpes. Let me spell out a way to LEARN and NOT WAIT 20 minutes:

1) Park near the exit
2) Leave when class is over
3) Walk quickly to car
4) Wait approximately 30 seconds to leave
5) Profit

Wow - BarBri sure makes people testy


The Contracts lecturer...some goober from SMU (okay, it was Epstein) made fun of UT today.

IIED claim, if you ask me.

Sonya Jones

My friends who are taking barbri aren't any fun at all these days and I rarely hear from them. Preparing for the WA bar exam is decidedly less stressful: audio cassettes by the pool on even days and practice essays in the AC on the odd days - no MPRE, no multi-state, no traffic jams in parking garages - ya'll have fun!

Anonymous Non-Asshole

Fuck you, Ron Mexico and all the other little shits who leave class 30 seconds early. It distracts the rest of us and it is rude. Moreover, it would be absurd if everyone did the same thing--you asswipes should follow the Golden Rule/Categorical Imperative, and sit the fuck down. But maybe I should know better, having gone through law school with a bunch of utterly self-centered pricks like yourself.

just chilling

Um, I hope that last poster is kidding. If you're this nuts by mid-June I fear you'll shoot someone before the bar exam. And yes, you should know better. What were you expecting in law school?


Ahhh... Bar/Bri... I remember those days. About 2 weeks into the class, the "adminstrators" gave us a speech about leaving early and disrupting class (I think multiple someones complained) so people started leaving at the last break instead of 30 seconds before the end of the class. I made the decision to avoid the traffic by sitting in the room and reviewing the day's material for 20 minutes after class... then got up, got in my car, and was able to drive straight out of the parking lot and on to the freeway. You're driving away to go study anyway (or at least you should be) so why the rush?


No one should be studying until after July 4th. Relax and head to the lake after class, it will help you get your mind off of parking lot traffic.

Anonymous Asshole

Instead of arguing about the asshats who are leaving early, we should be focusing on the incompetent security guard who didn't notice at least three (!) cars being broken into Tuesday. He/she/it is either in on it or borderline retarded (maybe both).

I blame Jennifer Henry, as Bar Bri's duly appointed personal rep here in Austin. I think the time has come for armed students to roam the parking lot, protecting our property with lethal force if need be.

Ron Mexico

Jesus christ! What the fuck is wrong with you uptight, I-take-bar-bri-blank-filling-as-a-learning-experience motherfuckers?! You're the stupid assholes who think that what we're sitting through is a "lecture" and that they "teach" you things. I'm sorry if, on one of the three occassions were I had somewhere to be directly following class, I distracted you from filling in the last blank. If you fail the bar because you missed that last blank, I really, seriously apologize (and will do my best to find you a job as a paralegal or starbucks barrista).

Now, if someone could explain how it is substantially less asshole-ish to park at the entrance and cut into the line of waiting cars, I'm listening... Then again, I usually do neither and spend the few minutes in the parking lot enjoying a fly-free experience while amazed that my car still has all of its windows, radio, and tires intact.

My favorite thing about the parking lot situation is the number of times I've heard the same responses to the new "security" measures: "I'm sure glad that they've roped off the section in front of our warehouse so that we have to park in front of the flea market." And "You know, our cars might be a little safer if we didn't have to take Bar/bri in the fucking ghetto!" etc.

Seriously, some of you need to chill the hell out. Go to the gym, get laid, whatever. Just put down the bar/bri books (because those hours you're putting in right now are REALLY going to make a difference in a month and a half). And stop pretending the bar/bri lectures are any kind of worthwhile educational experience--it just makes you look silly. If not, I will give you the herpes.


Ride a bike.

Pooty Poo.

Arg! BarBri makes me feel ________ (angry/scared/unjustifiably confident). Therefore, I have to vent my emotion by ___________ (mocking/taunting/accusing) my fellow students, who are _______ (gay/stupid/super gay). Their method of _______ (studying/not studying/parking) is totally lame. ______! (Fuck/Shit/Goodness).


Jeez, you guys. You're really missing the true value of Barbri. In between the valuable lessons to be gained from the Property lecturer singing Property principles ("It takes two to make an easement appurtenant" to the tune of the Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell song, "It takes two") and Epstein making fun of Horns' fans, there are all the Yale Law students emailing each other about this recently arrested Yalie 2L:


You think Barbri is bad . . . Imagine having him as your 2L roommate!

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