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I'm a fellow micromasher Mike and I'm growing a bit nervous about my pace and the fact that commercial paper made me wad myself up into a ball and cry.

care to commiserate on how we're not screwing ourselves by not being Barbri kids?



Well, you can at least feel better knowing that I didn't bother to purchase the state materials, but will instead learn things like commercial paper and wills & estates by posting any questions I have about the subjects on XOXOHTH and Greedy Associates.


My comments are open and available for your anticipated wailing and gnashing of teeth come November.

Anonymous Asshole

I'm sure you're fine Marwan, it's not like you're trying to work and full-time job *and* study for the bar. I mean, that would be insane.


I looked into MicroMash, but it seemed like it predominantly involved doing multiple choice problems on a computer, which sounds horrible.

Still, my Barbri alternative ain't too hot either. There are only four others in my class, but the instruction isn't always great--one of the lecturers repeatedly mispronounces the words "holographic," "ex parte," and, gulp, "defendant."


How exactly does one go about mispronouncing defendant?

Anonymous Asshole

I'm guessing DANT instead of DENT.


Correctamundo, AA. I guess it wouldn't really be a mispronounciation if she spoke in a deeply Southern drawl, but she doesn't.

At least I've got my excuse ready when I fail.

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