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okay. i can't read you anymore. i'm sorry.

p.s. you're a mean nasty boy.


Last night's game would have been a helluva lot more interesting if it hadn't been so free throw dominated. As somebody on Deadspin noted, Wade could have drawn a foul while shooting a technical free throw last night. And if I wanted to watch refs totally pussify a game, I'll watch the World Cup, thank you.


Hey--hair counts. If you watch the replay, one of Nowitzki's sweaty locks clearly came into contact with the hem on Wade's jersey.


Well in that case David Stern should Stackhouse Nowitzki's ass with a suspension.

But the collective testicles of The Heat better watch out: Jason Terry, I hear, is pretty angry.

Um... you know if Nowitski had remembered that going strong to the basket is what got them to the finals in the first place, then he might have been on the line too (of course, he would have to actually make the baskets...). Instead it was the return of the fading German wimp. For the Mavs' sake, the sneer must return.

Hey now, leave Matt Bullard out of this.

Ethnic slurs? Wow! You are a real Texan!


Avery Johnson is a smart, beautiful man. He has taken a powerful, offensively-minded team and turned them into a more powerful defensively-minded team. And he has done it all with what I'm told is a large penis.

The Hack-a-Shaq came at a point of desperation, when D-Wade drew fouls when Dirk misplaced the emphasis on his name. A) He's German, and B) what Chicago hospital typo'd "Dwyane"? The emphasis is unclear at best.

I understand that I bring a Dallas bias, but that game was slanted. And who the fuck wants to see Antoine Walker win a championship?



Coming from Marquette, I understand the man crush on D Wade - and I know that there are quite a few alum with man crushes. No worries.


Being a life-long San Antonian, I vividly recall AJ's playing days here in the River City.

The most entertaining part of a gameday was post-game, when the local, lush sports reporters would interview AJ, regardless of his performance. Without fail, the camera would zoom in to the point where his head fully filled the frame and his amazingly robust lips were prominently featured.

It was fun for all.


for a bitch team, the spurs sure have won a few titles...

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