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hmm, so what you're saying is that my dream of moving to Massahampshire is all an illusion?

Arkabama has a burgeoning legal market from what I saw in conflicts.

MicroMash? Why not the Monster Mash?



*singing* He did the Mash, he did the MicroMash. The MicroMash... it was a le-gal smash...

Lord, I need a life beyond law school. :)

something tells me you dont even have a life in law school

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The defection of some 47,000 Korean and Chinese POWS had been an unqualified PR success, but those 21 truly stuck in the collective craw, particularly Adams, an African American.

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see what happens when you surplus the "Love Boat" crew.. If Isaac was there the passengers wouldn't care if they left port.. he'd get them all drunk.

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