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I planned my GPA dive perfectly - hit the water just above the honors mark I was aiming for. That means I did exactly the right amount of work to sqeak through.


Ah yes, but as your obsessive web clicking comes to a close, a whole crop of us 0L's are waiting to start.

At a recent 0L happy hour, you were talked about like a mythical creature...how's that for a legacy?


Jesus. 0L Happy hours already?

When are they going to dispense with the bullshit and just have a 0L OCI?

Didn't Tbag make chancellors? Perhaps I am wrong, but I don't think so. No such person has any business talking about 'squeeking through.'


Hey...I'm supposed to be anonymous. :P


0L happy hour?

why was i not informed?


how's this year's crop of 0L's looking?


Well... Most of the guys seem pretty dorky and the chicks fall into the categories of either hot or femi-nazi. So I think that's pretty standard?

Hawk McGee

hot would be appreciated.

Hottie McHotterson

No girls can be as hot as last year's 3Ls...


Yeah...GPA dives that land on High Honors don't really count as GPA dives. More like GPA Soft Emergency Landings, Emergency in that the GPA Plane Was Turned Around to Acquire More Columbian GPA Coffee

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