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I'm gonna go ahead and make the lame 1L joke here before any of them do it: you have a collective action problem. Done and done.

That being said, I'm in with the MBE plan. Rocked a 123 on the practice exam. Yeah, the over confidence is setting in. All I did today was read and watch TV.

If there is a difficult Rule Against Perpetuities question, the Barbri lecturer who gives the same property lecture all over the country has asked that we all mark "A." If everyone marks the same wrong answer, the computers will reject the question entirely and it won't be included in our scores.

But what if "A" is the right answer?



Yeah, I am taking the PA bar. I was reading one of the essay Q answers and found that the grader readjusted the scale after no one cited to a UCC rule (because BarBri didn't teach it).

Students' responses control more than just TX grading!

how bout we all just guarantee we get 200s?


"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."

this post made me feel about 1000 times better...this grading scheme is pure genius.

I am pulling for each and everyone of you to rock the MBE.

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